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My masseuse Carolyn was fantastic! Not only did she give me an amazing massage, but she was very kind and friendly throughout the entire process. The spa itself is very clean and has a relaxing atmosphere. And Kristen at the front desk was super friendly and helpful as well. I wish I lived closer so I could come here more often!

Victoria B.

As a one who travels the world and have been to many spas, I must say this was one of my best experiences by far. Pleasant and professional staff that made me feel extremely welcome. Immaculate services executed to perfection. Great attitude and amazing value for the price. I’d strongly advise anyone to make the trip to this spa even from a distance.

Tamid B.

Very friendly staff and my facial was exquisite. I am a mother of two little girls, so my life is pretty hectic. I was in Bethlehem, away from home, on a business trip without my family. So, my first thought was to pamper myself since I rarely get that chance. It was well worth it. I definitely will be back, if my job brings me back to Wind Creek. Thank you!!!

Lucy J.

I had Carolyn for my combination massage. She was phenomenal!!! She was attentive and by far the best person that I have ever gotten a massage from. Not only do I highly recommend everyone to go to this facility and ask for her but I will be back myself!!

Gina P.

The staff is both professional and friendly. Very relaxing atmosphere, and I liked that they have a text system set up to remind you if you have an upcoming appointment. It was a great experience and I wish I lived closer so I could go more frequently!

Mike W.

This was the first massage I ever had. I didn’t know what to expect, but I was pleasantly surprised. They were very patient and made me feel comfortable. Would highly recommend it.

Angel L.

Couple’s massage was magnificent. 90 minutes wasnt long enough it felt so good. The girls were very pleasant and easy to talk do. I will definitely go back.

Kelly H.

Tremendous hot stone massage ! the staff is very professional and so very nice. You will feel very comfortable and relaxed after a session at the spa. Its all good and I will be back .

Frank R.

Wonderful staff, relaxing atmosphere, perfect place to get a spa treatment.

Sharlin F.

Great place and extremely relaxing.. Would go back again. Staff is amazing and very helpful.

Christina H.